Messiah Arena Projects

Messiah Arena Projects Akinyemi ModupeOluwa Hamid-Oke Hall

Roofing of Akinyemi Hamid Oke Hall (100 Bed Hostel)

a. Parapet work = 2,135,000NGN.
b. Plank work = 2,500,000NGN
c. Laying of additional bricks =161,000
d. Erecting of Pillars = 1,600,000 e. Roofing Sheet and workmanship = 11,500,000NGN (Though we still have an outstand- ing of 9,000,000NGN).
Total = 17,896,000NGN

Messiah Arena Projects Gure Mission House

Gure Mission House

a. Electrical work = 750,000
b. Plumbing work = 650,000
c. Ceiling work = 600,000
d. Windows = 301,000
e. Plastering and flooring = 1,487,000
f. Flooring = 440,000
g. Gravel and sand = 115,000
Total = 4,343,000NGN

Messiah Arena Projects Fencing Work

Fencing Work

Fencing Work
Block production and setting for Main Arena at Oyo. = 8,000,000NGN

Messiah Arena Projects Map

Purchase of Block Making Machine

Purchase of Block Making Machine

Community Empowerment

Community empowerment encom- passes Basil-preneur, Adult literacy and Community Renewal.


Basil-preneur is a Kingdom-based entrepreneurial initiative targeted at particular groups. For the period under review, we report Womenpreneur.


In partnership with The New Covenant Baptist Church, Agege, Lagos, we were able to empower over 100 women with skills like Record Keeping, Business Registration and Documentation, Selling Skills, Trade Augmentation, Accessing Funds and more, so that they can run their businesses smoothly and sustainably.

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