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Messiah Arena – Who We Are

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Messiah Arena Medical Missions

Messiah  Arena  is  an  interdenominational  mission  organisation  with  the vision  “that  none  should  perish”-  1Tim2:4.  As  a  global  Christian  mission development  fellowship  consisting  of  Christian professionals,  we  have an  unwavering  passion  for  missions:  evangelical  missions,  medical missions,  welfare  missions,  youths  and  family  empowerment  and believers growth in Christ.

What We Do

We  network  with  other  Christians,  Mission  organisations,  and  Church denominations to train and support missionaries for the mission fields and also  embark  on  mission  outreaches  and  community  transformation  in villages and towns.

Messiah Arena Global Mission Development Fellowship

Messiah Arena


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