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Messiah Arena Medical Missions

Messiah Arena – Who We Are

Messiah  Arena  is  an  interdenominational  mission  organisation  with  the vision  “that  none  should  perish”-  1Tim2:4.  As  a  global  Christian  mission development  fellowship  consisting  of  Christian professionals,  we  have an  unwavering …

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Messiah Arena Missions

Our Operations

Our Operations:Sowing the seed  of  the  gospel  at  every  given  opportunity  -  in crusades, seminars,  or one-on-one bases.We extend calls to missionaries for mission fields.Support and train missionaries.4. Provide  periodic …

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Messiah Arena Missions at Baruba People Group

Baruba People Group

BAURUBA (also called Bariba) are people of Borgu.Borgu (French: Borgou) is a region in north-west Nigeria and in the northern Republicof Benin. The three major kingdoms of Borgu are Bussa,…